After being at Firstborn for about a year I founded and ran what I called the “Live Action for Web” department. This initiative was one of the first to bring “content creation” into a interactive production shop.

Your name, plus your original "web name/handle"

Hello, I’m Tim Nolan, and for the first half of my career on the Web I was best known by my altergeo,  SPENT2000.

Coming to the web from the world of street art, and alternative mixed media art galleries in New York, the Web was an amazing new platform for me to pursue my  aesthetic explorations.

Your first web encounter, year etc.

Somewhere around 1995 I got onto America Online.

It probably took me a few days before I discovered the ability to “view source”. That for me, as well as a select few, was a game changer.

By 1997 I was pushing content to the Web on a daily basis to my new digital home, http://www.spent2000.com

What our readers might recognise you most for, when you first hit the web.

My personal site was the place where I experimented with visual, sonic, and motion paired with visitor interactivity.

I quickly coined a term, to describe my explorations in this new medium “Browser Based Entertainment” as I realized immediately, that the manipulation of the actual browser application would be a part of the creative canvas.

This took on the form of javascripted windows, and playing with limiting the amount of browser “chrome”.

By utilizing these techniques, I would help focus the visitor on the content of the webpage and the experience within it.

That stuff also really annoyed a lot of people. This, I did not mind, since most “art” had always received similar reactions.












Your digital journey since.

There was a point around 1999 where the Web became my profession.

I co-founded an Internet start-up called ClubPlanet.com, a global nightlife search engine. A few years after growing that business we sold it and I took some time off to travel around Europe.

Upon my return to the states, I began working on select freelance projects, and testing the waters inside some of the new interactive agencies and studios that had begun to pop up.

I worked on a few cool projects at Big Spaceship including this one for Sony Pictures film entitled The Grudge. That was the first time I found out about Cannes, when we won an Interactive Lion for that site.

I also spent some time at Deep Focus and a few other shops before settling in a Firstborn.

While at firstborn I was surrounded by an extremely talented group of people, we began defining the next wave of digital output.

After being at Firstborn for about a year I founded and ran what I called the “Live Action for Web” department. This initiative was one of the first to bring “content creation” into a interactive production shop.

We now had the capability to write, shoot, & direct filmed content specifically for use on the Web.

At the time I was very interested in non-linear narratives, and for the next year we created some of the finest examples of that model on the Web.

We filmed, produced, built projects of this natures for Microsoft, Malibu Rum, Porsche, General Electric, HP, and so on. For me, it was a definitely very interesting time in digital.

What are you up to now?

For the past few years I have been working inside of the advertising world. I migrated from the pure “Digital Agencies” as the line between the two had begun to blur.

Since I work at an ad agency I work closer to the creative idea, platform, and ultimately execution, which was something I was drawn too. I still get to to work with all the best digital agencies when we partner with them to deliver interactive experiences.  

My role as Interactive Creative Director at BBH New York is to work across all clients to develop best in class interactive expressions that lives within a bigger brand idea.

I also wear a second hat for BBH and that is of the Head of BBH Labs New York office. Labs is BBH’s global innovation unit.

We are tasked with pioneering new outputs and approaches: Our overall ambition is to find ways in which marketing innovation can be a powerful force for good (more effective, more engaging, more sustainable, more exciting).

Outside of advertising, my partner in crime Jen Lu and I stay #BusyBeingAwesome with our side hustle boutique Universalscene.

We have launched a capsule of work over the past year that includes: #StraightThug, an iPhone camera App that let’s you manipulate photos into animated GIF hip hop album art.

A pair of t-shirts, and a most recently, a book entitled The ABCs of Contemporary Creatives. The book was released for free on tumblr, and slideshare prior to the print publication, which will also distributed for free in it’s first run.

I live in Brooklyn, and during the weekends try to get to see as much art as possible.


Tim Nolan, Then and Now
Tim Nolan, Then and Now



The Grudge
The Grudge

Zune Journey
Zune Journey

Straight Thug
Straight Thug

ABC Book
ABC Book


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