When i was younger i really wanted to become a farmer with 118 cows, 2 sheeps and a big tractor. So, that dream obviously didn't came true...

Please give us a brief bio of yourself.

Hi, i´m Andreas, 30, living in Berlin. Three things i like: Being on airports, India and its people and german schnaps called Schladerer Obstler. I work as an Interdisciplinary Designer and Lecturer. With my development based background constantly in mind, I focus on building innovative interaction experiences. And sometimes I create music, which has already been used by well known international brands as well as diverse music label releases. 

What do you do for inspiration?

Puh, i don't really know. I try not to think too much about inspiration or something like "being creative". Sure, i read a few design and tech blogs and try to stay updated, but in fact my best ideas were just there. They appeared when i walked in the forest, took a shower or a ride on the bike. So, i think life in general is inspiration and everything i do or see through the day or night could be a learning, an eye opener, a true inspiration. 

Please list 3 of your favourite sites.

I don't know if these are my favorite sites, but when i look at my Google Chrome startpage it shows Facebook, Google Reader and my Online Banking (sure that i'm a designer???)

How many hours do you work each week?

I don´t know, sometimes more, sometimes less.

How do you relax or unwind?

I love just walking around and watching people. And i love listening good music with headphones. And of course i like green tea.

If you weren't working on the internet what would you be doing?

When i was younger i really wanted to become a farmer with 118 cows, 2 sheeps and a big tractor. So, that dream obviously didn't came true...

If there are any pivotal experiences/decisions you could point to that helped shape your career, what would they be?

My best experience so far sounds very simple: It´s all about the idea. When I was a student i was very technical or design driven, so i first thought about the "how can i do it" rather than "what will i do?". Today i know that the "what" is one of the most important things.

What software could you not live without?

iOS, iTunes, Google Chrome

What area of web design lacks the most?

New ideas.

What did your very first site look like? Is it still online?

Haha, i just searched it and partly it is, take a look: http://web.archive.org/web/20011205232919/http://www.minifacts.de/ I was an altar boy when i was younger and this was a website for our monthly magazine. Haha, very funny to see this site eleven years later...

Have you written any books, if not do you plan to?

Hm, my diploma thesis was published, but thats not a "book book".

Are there things you do OUTSIDE of work to ensure that you are in the right mindset to be creative and/or successful in whatever you are doing?

As i described before, i try always to keep my eyes and ears open. And i learned that it is very important NOT to do creative things all the time. So that means just go out for a walk, cook with your friends or party all night long.

Looking 10 years in to the future, how far can websites go?

That´s a hard question. No one could predict the last 10 years, so how could i do it for the next 10 years? Maybe there are no websites anymore and we all can receive binary streams with our receptors and project the information directly into our brain.

Of all the websites you/your company have produced, which one are you most proud of?

Did i mention my first website?

What was the toughest thing you ever did with Flash? How long did you spend on it? Is it still online?

Yes, i think it really was and is my diploma thesis "Because clicking is so 90s!". I spent - with conceptual design, screen design, development - nearly nine month on it. I'm not a full blood developer and it sometimes was very hard when i stucked in f*** bugs, but i think it was really worth it. I learned which powerful things you can do with a good idea and just using Flash.

Do you think Flash is here to stay?

No one knows. But i think Flash will definitely stay for the next 10 - 15 years.

What are your views on design/graphic school. Do you think someone can get into the field without educational experience in a school environment?

Of course! The whole industry is full of people who never studied and i think their point of view is sometimes - not always - more focussed and not so academic. And our job is all about ideas. Never heard that you can learn to get good ideas.

How difficult do you find employing the right people in a world where everyone calls themselves a web designer?

Haha, that´s a good question. I think the answer is quality. You definitely see the difference in the result, the portfolio, the knowledge. And i think that's the best decision making.

What would be your ultimate vehicle to travel in?

I once took a little boat in Bangkok to discover the old canals in and around the town. It was the most unsafe vehicle of my life - we nearly sank - but i loved it. 

How have you learned so many Flash/design skills and techniques and can you offer any advice for newbies?

Just: Do it!

What country excites you the most in terms of innovation?

India. But that´s quite another term of innovation.

What does the future hold for your company, or you as a person?

Maybe headache, when my prediction for the future of websites will come true :) The truth is, i try not to think too much about the future.

What is the most expensive thing you have bought in the last week?

Last week i had dinner with a few friends in a so called "Weinhaus" in Mainz. You can eat traditional german food like "Saumagen" (made famous by our former chancellor Helmut Kohl), "Zwiebelrostbraten" or "Tafelspitz". Tasted delicious, especially the white wine from the "Rheingau", a well known whine region near Mainz. Total cost: 127 bucks.

What type of overcoat do you wear when Flashing, basically are you a labels man?

No i´m definitely not. But I love Chucks!

Any parting shots or pearls of wisdom?

Don´t work too much. Try to see the world, it´s the best inspiration!

It has been a privilege, thanks very much

Likewise. Tschüss!


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