A lot of our inspiration comes from films. We study movies in terms of style, mood, ambience and camera movement.

  Please give us a brief bio of yourself.

Monoedge Inc. was founded by Alec Ng, Kenneth Wu, and Vincent Chan. The three of us met up in University in architecture school. We are a company based in Toronto, Canada.

  What do you do for inspiration?

A lot of our inspiration comes from films. We study movies in terms of style, mood, ambience and camera movement. Of course we also draw from our architectural training and other amazing sites on the web.

  What do you regard as being your biggest achievement?

Landing our first client.

  Please list 3 of your favorite sites.

www.ign.com - finalfantasy.com - www.cnn.com

  What software couldn't you live without?

Flash, Photoshop, AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max.

  What projects do you have in the pipeline?

We are working on our first couple of websites for clients. You can check for updates in the client section of our site.

  Who is your target audience?

Mainly we want to WOW! potential customers.

  Who do you rate as being the top 3 design companies?

www.2advanced.com - www.blastradius.com - kioken.com

  What effect on traffic do your new designs have?

At our peak monoedge.com was getting about 1000 page hits a day at, now that the hype's died down it's about 300 hits a day. Monoedge.com is a corporate site for potential customers with no regular updates. Content is what drives traffic, design presents and helps you get to the content.

  What area of web design lacks the most?

Most web designs fail to strike a balance between form and function.

  What did your very first site look like? Is it still online?

comtopian.com (no longer online)

  Have you written any books, if not do you plan to?

No and not at the moment.

  Do you think Flash is here to stay?

We feel Flash is here to stay. It has a strong foothold on the web and an ever-increasing user base. But technology is an industry based on change so you never know…

  What are your views on design/graphic school. Do you think someone can get into the field without educational experience in a school environment?

I feel that given enough time for trial and error and more importantly, talent, you can get into the field without formal training in graphic and design. There are enough resources on the net and in print to bring a person up to par. They may even produce fresh and unique designs. However it really helps to have your work critiqued and analysed by users and professional designers alike.

  When your company was just getting started, what did you find was most effective for getting new clients?

Definitely use your personal network, eg Family and Friends. You need to use whatever method necessary to develop a portfolio of work so that new clients trust you.

  What is the most expensive thing you've bought in the last week?

21 inch monitor...beautiful piece of hardware.

  What was the toughest thing you ever did with Flash? How long did you spend on it? Is it still online?

The toughest thing we did with flash was our website www.Monoedge.com . Mainly it was keeping the file size down while conveying the feeling of moving through a 3D environment in Flash. It took us about 3 months from design sketches of our 'virtual' office to the final Flash product. We felt that we were 90% successful.

  How have you learned so many Flash/design skills and techniques and can you offer any advice for newbies?

Teach yourself the basics from books and download source fla files from sites like flashkit.com to study more advanced skills.

  What type of overcoat do you wear when Flashing, basically are you a labels man?

Marks & Spencer

  Any parting shots or pearls of wisdom?

Learn by doing.

  It's been a privilege, thanks very much.

Thank You. It has been an honor.

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