I love that the web is getting out of the web! It makes it so much more interesting to work with and it creates new challenges for creatives.

 Please give us a brief bio of yourself.

My name is Oskar Hellqvist, Interactive CD at Digital Ad Agency Abby Norm, Stockholm.

 What do you do for inspiration?

I love to stroll into old bookstores on my lunch hour and flip through the pages. There’s nothing like the smell of an old book to awaken your creativity. 

No seriously, 

besides reading, listening to music and speed-scrolling the internet, one of my current projects is getting our agency dog July to love me. So far it’s not going great but I'm working on it.

 Please list 3 of your favourite sites.




 How many hours do you work each week?

It depends very much on the week.

 How do you relax or unwind?

Hang out with people I like. Have a few beers and listen to them talking all sorts of crazy.

 If you weren't working on the internet what would you be doing?

I'm pretty sure I would still be into something creative. Maybe gardening or something.

 What's your favourite part of your job? What's the hardest part of your job? What do you do when you get stuck?

Struggling for hours on end to come up with a good idea.

Struggling for hours on end to come up with a good idea.

Struggle for hours on end to come up with a good idea.

 What software could you not live without?

Spotify, Photoshop, and the one running my DSLR.

 What area of web design lacks the most?

I would have to say typography. The standards for using type outside of flash-sites have been ancient for too long. But it's slowly getting better. 

I read somewhere that pretty soon there's gonna be like a billion web designers out there thats gonna need to learn how to do typography properly. That's hopefully not true :).

 Are there things you do OUTSIDE of work to ensure that you are in the right mindset to be creative and/or successful in whatever you are doing?

I just try to have an open mind about stuff. Inspiration may come from the wierdest places or events. I try my best to be there when that happens.

 What was the last digital effort you saw (or were a part of) that used social media in a way that really made sense. Why?

The most recent one that sticks out for me is what Weiden Kennedy did with the Old Spice - Responses campaign. A strong advertising concept that get's edge and longevity from using digital media. I'm also still in love with the CP+B Whooper Sacrifice campaign, even though that's a bit older. They really flipped stuff it on it's head with that one. 

I would love to do a campaign that is so successful that Facebook decides to shut it down.

 Have you been a part of a campaign that was rooted in digital and THEN reached over into other consumer touchpoints? Did this happen organically or was it a part of the plan from the beginning?

I have and it was part of the plan from the beginning. Consumer behavior is shifting and it is important to reach the target audience where they are and where we can get the most impact. 

 The web is getting out of the web. Do you find that thinking in digital solutions alone hinders you? Do you feel the urge to solve the problem using all mediums necessary?

I love that the web is getting out of the web! It makes it so much more interesting to work with and it creates new challenges for creatives. For us as an agency a good idea is unbound by media. If it's a good concept, it will work in any channel. 

I think when it comes down to it it's so much more about choosing the right media specific to your purpose rather than choosing something for the sake of having it. 

In this media landscape digital is, and will continue to be, a natural part of integrated communication.

 Do you think Flash is here to stay?

Yes, atleast for quite a while but some of the stuff we use it for today will probably be done using Javascript/HTML5 in the near future.

 There is perhaps a shift in web use these days. We are seeing a decline in the purelyexperiential sites in flash with huge production efforts, to a relationship with clients based on tools and services, that many times have simples interfaces. How do you see that trend developing? Will Flash suffer?

I think that trend will go strong and Flash will absolutely suffer from it. But the need for both will always be there. Some communication require the mood and feel of an upscale flash site and some don't.

 What are your views on design/graphic school. Do you think someone can get into the field without educational experience in a school environment?

That's possible absolutely. But your life will be much easier with the educational experience to fall back on. There's only so much you can teach yourself. I believe that skill comes from experience and practice. School is great for taking the time to get this. Also, the people you meet in school will probably teach you just as much as the teachers, and later on turn into useful connections when you enter the industry.

 How do you keep up with the latest capabilities of Flash or do you rely on other members of you team to do this?

I try my best to read up on what's going on but the heavy stuff I leave to the guys that really know what they're talking about. 

 What would be your ultimate vehicle to travel in?

A teleporting lazy boy chair with a built in espresso machine.

 How do you keep your finger on the pulse of the latest web trends?

Every morning I huddle up with coffee and dig trough information. Twitter, endless RSS-feeds, blogs, magazines and Facebook.

 What does the future hold for your company, or you as a person?

I think the future holds great things for us. It's been a great
year so far and we will keep pushing forward high-end integrated communication.

 Any parting shots or pearls of wisdom?

I'm gonna quote the most interesting man in the world

"Find out what it is in life that you don't do well. And then don't do that thing."

 It has been a privilege, thanks very much

My pleasure Rob, thank you!



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