Winning an award for me, it’s a consequence of a great work. It’s an important milestone for me. And, it’s funny how FWA is managing and setting trends for other award shows.

question Please give us a brief bio of yourself.

I’m passionate about advertising and arts, both using technology as an excuse. I start my career gluing papers in past-up department in a little agency and grew up inside advertising companies, little by little, all the time learning by doing.

Also, I’m Brazilian, born in São Paulo, Brazil, married with Andrea, father of Theo and Joaquim. And more two Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, bigger than my sons.

Right now, I’ helping AlmapBBDO to manage all digital projects and create a smooth move between traditional ads to digital projects, working besides others creative directors.

question What do you do for inspiration?

My inspiration is something about starving for knowledge. Any kind of knowledge I have interest. From classical music to my son’s kid songs. From Art Directors Club annual meeting to technical seminars  or Lego Mindstorms with my kids.

My passoin is photography. Since I was 5, I wanted a machine that could stop the time, really freeze the time. On that time, my father gave to me my first camera and I discovered photography. (www.flickr.com/mug9). 

question Please list 3 of your favourite sites.

I love the new project from Arcade Fire called “The wilderness Downtown” (http://www.thewildernessdowntown.com) . It’s so interactive, emotional and surprising.

O became a fan of Good Magazine. Not only a magnific magazine, very well designed, but also with fresh material. I love the simplicity and the way how the build their brand on the web (www.good.is)

And, I love to check everyday a new PDF Magazine on PDF-Mags (http://www.pdf-mags.com ). A very nice way to get inspired.

question How many hours do you work each week?

I split my day time in three parts. First part, starting at 8:00 to 12:00, I go deeply on problems. For example, my team present those projects ideas or put a lot of effort on clients problems. At this time, I made comments on concept ideas, approve some projects and setup next steps to each one. After lunch, when my team have all instructions, I use this team to have all my meeting with clients and production companies. It’s very good to my creative team because they will produce more ideas and evaluate projects to present tomorrow morning. Note: I only approve creative projects in the mornings. And, after 17:00, I use this time to spread my work and use this time to potentiate other personal projects.

question How do you relax or unwind?

I try to relax having a normal life. Morning taking kids to the school, arriving early at the office to surf on web and read newspapers. Than, I escape every day to my house at lunch time and spend some time there, refreshing my batteries for the afternoon.

Also, nowadays I relax listening some classical music and stay with my family all the time, having fun with friends or playing with the kids. In a spare time, some Mario Kart is strongly recommended.

question If you weren't working on the internet what would you be doing?

I wish to an Archaeologist.

question What's your favourite part of your job? What's the hardest part of your job? What do you do when you get stuck?

Nowadays, my favorite part of the job is to empower others. Give chances for ordinary people on my team to be someone better. And, I love to keep working as an Art Director. It’s impossible to stop. I hate when I have to contend with a bureaucratic situation with clients and also, inside the company. My honesty in not accepting something they do not believe, is often written on my face.

question What's the longest you've ever stayed up working on a project?

Probably was on Havaianas’s worldwide platform. It was the most difficult project I had worked on because, the task was to spread the same look and feel of the brand around the world. Havaianas is world recognized by a right quality design and visually outstanding print ads, outdoor and any kind of media. When a client need to create a platform with strong guidelines and, this guideline is art, colors and different forms, shapes, the challenge is high. We still improving the platform after almost 2 years.  Recently, we made Amarok Test Drive, from Volkswagen to launch the new pick-up of the brand. It was almost 6 months of hard work and, at the end, a outstanding result for the brand.

question If there are any pivotal experiences/decisions you could point to that helped shape your career, what would they be?

Between 2008 and 2009, I had a strong shift in my career because, I had a chance to study in Berlin School of Creative Leadership. ( www.berlin-school.com ). At this time, I had a chance to see Advertising from a different point of view. More macro, more from above, understanding clients needs, understanding people so far and also, manage myself as a professional.

question What software could you not live without?

I never leave my pencil and a blank sheet of paper to rough my ideas and my Action points every morning at AlmapBBDO. Is my best software at all.

question How many projects does your company juggle at any one time?

It’a a very tricky question for Brazilian market. At the same time the amount of project simultaneous is insane, we could think in a lot of long term projects yet. We need to improve that. I manage all clients here in AlmapBBDO not, one or two clients. This is though but, give a powerful experience to solve problems without time, for example.

question In terms of software, is there anything new you have been playing with lately or that has impressed you?

Right now, I’m trying to draw in 3D, using an open source program called Rhonda (www.rhondaforever.com ). I’m learning how to draw again. Besides, I won’t live my iPad. I’m a fan of We Rule game.
question Who do you rate as being the top 3 design companies?

Definetely, IDEO. I love the way how this company understand and use design in the center of any process. From a product development to a digital platform.

Psyop – Motion Design Graphics. For me, they create this positioning for a production company. The need for design and agencies and clients start to buy this trend.

And, also, Nintendo. They care about everything. From the Wii console to the game design, game characters and they reinvent, all the time, the user experience. Form me, design is  form + functionality and, they got it.
question Has winning FWA awards helped you in any way?

Winning an award for me, it’s a consequence of a great work. It’s an important milestone for me. And, it’s funny how FWA is managing and setting trends for other award shows. For a creative person, an award is something that push you to the next level. It’s necesary, not a simple desire.

question Have you written any books, if not do you plan to?

I’m running an independent magazine called Seamless_Mind. It’a  mix of my portfolio, plus some areas I wish to get more involved. I made 3 issues and I was planned to launch every three months. But, to run a magazine is more complicated that I imagined. I need to put more effort on this.

question What was the last digital effort you saw (or were a part of) that used social media in a way that really made sense. Why?

Yes, made a lot of sense. I helped to manage this digital part of Billboard campaign called Influence. It’s make a lot of sense to study the target and delivery something use full for them. Also, surprise is a big asset too.  In Black Pixel Project, for Greenpeace, we engage more than 1 million people just downloaded a black pixel application to save energy. This campaign wasn’t a sucess without socia media.
question Of all the websites you/your company have produced, which one are you most proud of?

I’m proud of Greenpeace Weather. I made this project in 2008, one year project. I was involved in everything, managing the project, layout elements, illustrate items and, trying to follow two mathematical geeks developing the game. Just a quick note: merits for Colmeia team, as a production company and partner of AlmapBBDO in this project. Besides this, I’m proud how an advertising project could help the environment causes. And, the project still online. It’s a worldwide benchmark of Greenpeace.

question Do you think Flash is here to stay?

I’m not a techno guru but, I always put my idea before technology. Never in an opposite way. But, I love flash and I still using in some project.

There is perhaps a shift, these days. We are seeing a decline in the purely experiential sites in flash with huge production efforts, to a relationship with clients based on tools and services, that many times have simples interfaces. 

question How do you keep up with the latest capabilities of Flash or do you rely on other members of you team to do this?

In our team, we have together, in the same space, web designers, copywriters, motion graphics artists and also, flash developers. For me, a flash developer is a designer using technology as an art and design tool. And, exchanging knowledge in the same space, it’s easy to update the role team with some experiences and prototypes.

question What country excites you the most in terms of innovation?

Japan. Definitely. I love how they combine design with technology. They really care about that, in a minimalist way. Besides, it’s impossible to compare their mobile technology with anywhere in the world. The consume mobility and teach the world how to use mobile devices.

question There must be a project that you have always dreamed of doing, what is it?

I will tell you if you help me to find some magic flash developers. Done?
Sergio Mugnaini
Sergio Mugnaini

Digital Reel of AlmapBBDO. Brazillian advertising agency and one of the most prized in the world.

Greenpeace Weather (2008)
Greenpeace Weather (2008)

Greenpeace Weather (2008)
Greenpeace Weather (2008)

Havaianas Worldwide Website.
Havaianas Worldwide Website.

Last.fm users received a link from Billboard in their inboxes. By clicking it, they could see themselves on the cover
Last.fm users received a link from Billboard in their inboxes. By clicking it, they could see themselves on the cover

Seamless Mind.
Indepedent Magazine.
Seamless Mind. Indepedent Magazine.

'Amarok Live Test', from Volkswagen (2010)
"Amarok Live Test", from Volkswagen (2010)

Greenpeace Black Pixel (2010)
Greenpeace Black Pixel (2010)

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