Los Angeles, USA

Job description
We're looking for a front end developer with a love for details. The kind of person who viscerally enjoys discussing if something should be camelCase, TitleCase, dashed, underscored or something else entirely. Details matter, whether it's the easing of an animation or consistent spacing below paragraphs. If you care about these kind of details, we probably already like you.

The primary responsibility of this role will be to bring a static design to life on the web with the best possible user experience, collaborating with designers to explore possibilities along the way. In addition to a user-focussed end-result, the role requires a thorough understanding of web technologies, and more importantly the experience to know the best way to stitch those technologies together given the circumstance.

This position is for contract on-site in our LA office with a possibility for extension or a full-time position.

Key Skills

- 5+ years experience developing great websites
- Demonstrated ability to write extendable modular CSS utilizing a preprocessor such as SASS, LESS, etc.
- Eye for motion / animation / movement and ability to execute motion prototypes using CSS transforms/transitions
- Knowledge of key JavaScript libraries, such as jQuery, Underscore, etc.
- Love for single-page applications and experience setting up a sound architecture including some key practices: managing views, handling page-state, passing around events and models
- Simple shell scripting, git


- Experience with MV* JavaScript libraries/frameworks - Backbone + Marionette JS preferred
- Full-stack development experience - NodeJS, Python/Django preferred.
- Real-time protocol experience - Sockets.IO, Pusher, etc.
- Any front end performance knowledge
- Experience with managing Grunt/Gulp tasks
- Design experience

What We Offer

We're an eclectic melting pot for design, code and film making. Our entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity for trying out the untried and improving the proved is not an opportunity for you, it's an opportunity to find what is the greatest in you. We work with the worlds foremost brands who are thought leaders in their respective industries and they look towards us/you to provide them with branding experiences for a connected generation that fits their mold. It's challenging and the stakes are high, but we would like to believe the rewards are even bigger- So bring your ambitions. We invested heavily in creating a collaborative environment where it can flourish and where we care for each others success and can take pride in the work.

About HAUS

Today we count 30 multi-cultured and clicker-happy individuals coming together in the belief that synergy will take our individual crafts to the next level. It's a bond that has grown stronger over many years of creating brand experiences in forms of responsive websites, mobile and tablet applications, rich media ad campaigns, social media applications and online services.

Along the way we've harvested a few proud accolades. Google named us to 'harness the magic of online' and we've been recognized for our work by MTV, New York Times, Mashable, TheFWA and TechCrunch. We're the first-ever to unite Aol, Google and Yahoo's combined reach in streaming the 2012 Presidential Debates- but all that still pales in significance to a smile from somebody interacting with our work.

Learn more by visiting http://madeinhaus.com/

How to apply
Apply to steve@madeinhaus.com
Candidates only! It is NOT OK for recruiters or others to solicit this compa

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