Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Job description
dpdk is looking for a creative developer to join our team. You will take part in developing small and large websites, applications, games and more. Together we will push the frontier of what is possible online. Your technical and creative input will play a vital part in delivering innovative products for our clients.

At dpdk we create and develop high-end digital productions for various (inter)national clients and renowned advertising agencies.

Are you passionate about digital media and would you like to be part of a flexible team in a professional and easy-going company? Then apply now and let us know how you can reinforce our crew.

- you like to experiment and find new ways to combine web technologies
- you can turn an idea into a prototype
- you can turn lines of code into beautiful pixels
- the code you write performs well, and can be understood by humans
- you are proficient with canvas and WebGL, directly or through libraries
- you can navigate the differences between the browsers and devices to get the most out of each system
- you have experience developing single page web applications
- you are up to date on html, css and svg browser capabilities
- you confidently wield the power of JavaScript
- you know how to setup a render loop, and make it run at 60 FPS
- you work well in an interdisciplinary team
- you can discuss asset pipelines with designers
- you pay attention to detail and have a high standard of quality
- you can provide technical and conceptual input throughout the development process
- you know when to ease in and when to ease out
- you are at least pretty good at linear algebra and trigonometry
- you experience joy when browser X implements feature Y
- you can retrieve an element from the DOM without resorting to jQuery

extra skills
- you have worked with Flash/ActionScript, Processing, OpenFrameworks or similar platforms
- you have experience developing native apps for Android and/or iOS
- you have experience with game development and game design
- you have worked with/on physics engines
- you have experience with AGILE development
- you use version control, preferably GIT
- you have made an effort to streamline your development workflow

How to apply
Send your letter of application, resume and portfolio to jobs@dpdk.com

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