Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Job description
If you're looking for a new opportunity in Amsterdam you're at the right place.
We work with all the top digital agencies in and around Amsterdam and have been recruiting for some of them for years.

If you're an agency Frontend Developer, we can arrange at least 3 interviews for you with the top ones of your choice.

Since we have placed tens of developers with them over the years we know what they're looking for, what they offer , who you'll be working with and how we can prepare you best for your meeting with them.

We're the one and only digital agency recruiter in the Netherlands, so if you're looking to win (more) FWA's yourself in the Netherlands let me know at arwen@thegiglab.com.


Of course you've all heard of Amsterdam, we're well known for our fine dining and theatre...JK...Amsterdam deserves the 'bad' reputation it's got which of course makes it a great place to live.

It's a city with a lot of diversity and different cultures, which has a booming expat community and almost everyone speaks at least English.

Technology wise we have some great digital agencies who are ahead of the game and transform simple advertising into art for amazing global brands.


Not just Amsterdam is a place to party, these agencies also know what fun is.
Jagerbomb fountains, skiing trips, renting out arcades and trips to all the awards and festivals.

You get to know your colleagues on and off the workfloor... they're all friends and some even roommates. Doesn't matter if you're a cool laid back guy or a steriotype geek we'll know the agencies that fit you best.

Consider yourself a Coding Cowboy, Javascript Jay-Z, Meteor Magician or Ember Enthousiast...you'll fit right in.


Of course they like an experienced Developer as much as any other company, but they love Juniors they can really train and teach to become the best out there. If you're a Junior Developer, this is the best training ground you could wish for.

Of course Amsterdam is a great place to work, but some of them also have offices in America, Asia, London and South Europe...traveling or just getting a nice tan is all within the options.

As much as they love to train and teach, they love for their Developers to grow within the organizations too.

One of the Developers we know, is now after 1 year of work, traveling to Singapore to start a Development team there.

A Developer we've placed at another agency, started 3 years ago on a basic salary and is now leading all of their creative projects.


Like I said they are ahead of the game and try out every technology out there to stay that way.

Of course you'd be working with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, but these agencies love the new sexy technologies.

Meteor, Ember, WebGL, Oculus Rift, Kinect, Unity3D...and so on.

You will get to work with all of these while working on amazing projects or just together with your co-workers bacause you can.

How to apply
Like what you read and want to know more?

Contact me at arwen@thegiglab.com or look me up on Skype: arwen_gac.

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