Get creative with the FWA logo!
FWA wallpapers are downloaded hundreds of thousands of times per month in total. If you would like to get creative with your graphical skills and the FWA logo please download our logo and feel free to create your own unique FWA wallpaper.

We are particularly interested in new wallpapers that incorporate our FWA logo creatively.

Please note that we do not want to publish any wallpapers that use stock photography due to potential copyright issues.

Also, please feel free to include your own branding in the wallpaper but please treat it like an artist would his signature, discreetly placed.

Plus, please note that our users have given us a lot of feedback that they do not like URLs on their wallpapers so please do not include ours or yours.

And finally, if you could give your wallpaper a name, thanks.

NOTE: Whilst we certainly do appreciate your time in creating a wallpaper for us, we must let you know that not all wallpapers are accepted. Each submission will be evaluated by our team as to its suitability for our wallpaper gallery. Due to the volume of submissions, we cannot provide feedback on any wallpaper submissions.
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